Totally Renewable Yackandandah wins prestigious award

Totally Renewable Yackandandah wins prestigious award

Grassroots community energy group, Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) has been honoured with a national sustainability award.

The Banksia Awards, the world’s longest-running sustainability recognition award program, has acknowledged the tremendous effort by TRY working to achieve a 100% renewable electricity supply in the north-east Victorian town.

Try Co-Chair Denis Ginnivan and Executive Officer Matthew Charles-Jones received the Banksia ‘Community Sustainability and Resilience Award’ on behalf of the TRY group at a prestigious event in Sydney tonight.

TRY is working to transition to renewable electricity by matching energy efficiency upgrades with rooftop solar generation, batteries and smart control systems.  Ultimately they anticipate hosting interconnected mini-grids within the Yackandandah area and coupling this with larger generation and storage systems, and supported by a Community Energy Retailer.

TRY Co-Chair Mr Denis Ginnivan said that “the award is a testament to the Yackandandah community’s creativity and willingness to explore big ideas”.

He also acknowledged their partners North East Water, Mondo Power (AusNet Services), Indigo Shire Council and the Victorian State Government.

Mr Ginnivan said “We are thrilled to receive this award and believe it demonstrates the massive community commitment to tangible progress on renewable energy. This is an award for the whole community and the many who have put their money and time on the table.”

Yackandandah will soon reach 40% renewable energy and has 14 homes ready to operate as a ‘mini-grid’, putting them well on the path to 100%.

The townsfolk of Yackandandah are set to celebrate these achievements with a renewable energy focused ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ in Yack on the 1st of December.