Hume Energy Hub – Community led grant proposal submitted to the federal government

Hume Energy Hub – Community led grant proposal submitted to the federal government

The Hume Energy Hub is a pioneering project which will be a model for Australia’s energy future. The project will explore how distributed energy generation, storage and sharing can create jobs, strengthen local economy and foster regional growth through an integrated approach to network planning.

The project has been developed in collaboration with the shire councils of the Hume region in North East Victoria. A community led grant proposal has been submitted to the federal government seeking support to build the project – the first of its kind. The hub will demonstrate that communities can be empowered to use the existing network to store and share their own renewable electricity and how this will have far reaching benefits for the region’s economy, local employment, the community and the environment.

Along with solar systems and battery storage at several energy clusters, exciting opportunities will be investigated for local deployment such as hydrogen conversion, waste to energy and electric vehicle charging stations.

Mondo is continuing to collaborate with local councils, businesses, community groups and government organisations to develop the next stages of the project. The first phase of the hub project will determine the technical and economic benefit of generation and storage assets for the customer, with the second phase looking at how these resources can support the community and the network.

Funding is being sought from the Regional Growth Fund and ARENA. The remainder of the program expenses will be met by partnerships between business, industry and Mondo.

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